New rock art publication

40.000 years of contemporary art

Edited by Professor Emmanuel Anati

Italian edition with an Introduction in English

This new high-quality publication from the Italian Centro Camuno de Studi Preistorici, show us some provocative flashes of the origins and motivations of European prehistoric art. The book includes contributions from leading rock art researchers in Europe such as Emmanuel Anati, Ulf Bertilsson, Jean Clottes, Mario Varela Gomes and Jean Piere Mohen. The book offers a broad picture of the different stages of artistic development which brought man, after the first hunter-artists, from a relative cultural unity on the entire European continent to the regionalization of different cultural models.

40.000 years of contemporary art encompasses a large variety of rock art systems from Scandinavia in the north to the Franco-Cantabrian system in the south and Gobustan, Azerbaijan to the east. Clearly, these rock art systems represent works of eternal interest and appeal.

Soft cover - 297 pages - USD 50 (+ postage)

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